Abadan Faculty of Petroleum Research Center

The laboratories and Research Center of Abadan Faculty of Petroleum Engineering is a technology-oriented center for fundamental, scientific and applied research in oil and gas industry. 

Ahwaz Faculty of Petroleum Research Center

The research environment in the department is extremely pleasant and many activities are done as team work. The research activities of the department are currently carried out in three well equipped laboratories of Research Center of Ahwaz Faculty of Petroleum.

Tehran Faculty of Petroleum Research Center

Since the Petroleum University of Technology considers Research as an investment for the future of this industry, this center has also put research projects in line with the basic needs of the country's oil industry in technical and other technical fields at the top of its activities.

Mahmudabad Faculty of Nautical Science Oil and Gas Offshore Industries Research Center

The purpose of establishing this center was the need for the country to use the latent capacities of oil and gas in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, as well as the need to form a scientific perspective in this industry.
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